New Engine Battery Box, & location.

At present the engine battery on Tanimara is located under the cabin sole close to the transome. The reason for this location was to allow a larger 130 Ah Battery, to be fitted in the yachts original battery  box. There is a large storage locker under the navigation station seat, so this will be the new battery location. The battery is made from 18 mm external plywood, and made to allow a 75 Ah battery to fit inside.


Battery Box.

The box sides and bottom was glued and screwed together, also a top was made which fits on top. The box was painted with an undercoat primer and finished with three coats of polyurathane paint. The box is supported on teak blocks and fastened to the side of the locker with large washers and bolts. A 25 mm hole was drilled in the locker side to allow the power cable and charging cable to come into the new location. The cables were cut to length and battery connections fitted. A adjustable strap is fitted around the box and cover to secure the battery.


Fitted Battery Box.

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Repairing Window’s on Tanimara.

In February 2014 I decided to remove and repair the windows on Taninara as  the rubber seals were rotten and they were leaking. Over the years since I purchased the yacht from Pierre, I used to stop any leak using Silicon Sealant, this worked for a while but then the leaks started again. Unable to purchase the correct size of seals, so I contacted Eagle Boat Windows and they advised me to remove one window first and repair this and then progress to the remaining windows. So I removed one of the forward small windows and did the repair as per their instructions. They supply two rubber compounds, white and black, these are mixed until all traces of white disappears completely. When the compound is fitted between the glass and the aluminium frame the assemblied window must be stored in a heated invironment for a few days to allor the rubber compound to cure. The the window can be fitted back onboard, using a mastic cement on the window flange and the boat GRP. Slightly oversized stainless steel screws were used to retain the window on the yacht.

The other three windows were removed and repaired in a simular manner. The cabin windows were dificult to remove, as they are over a metre long, a second person is required inside Tanimara to help push out the window. So my friend Paddy helped me out. All windows were sealed to the GRP with Sikaflex Sealant which had gone hard, this material had to be cut using sharp scrapers and small electric saw.

Now all my windows are not leaking and I have a dry boat, which is excellent. Eagle Boat Windows were excellent with their advide and help.

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Modification to Diesel Tank.

One of the jobs that needed to be done this year was to remove and clean out the Diesel Tank. Jimmy O’Callaghan helped me to empty the tank into Jerry cans, and take out the tank from the boat. When l got the tank home to my workshop l flushed out the tank, there was a lot of scum on the bottom of the tank which l cleaned out, also the last of the diesel was discarded. After the tank was cleaned out l and then decided to fit a stainless steel inspection hatch, so that the tank could be worked on without removing the tank.

First l marked out an area 150 x 100 and then cut out this section. Next l made a flange, which l drilled and tapped with 10, M8 holes, the l used this as a template to mark out the holes on the tank top, then I drilled 9 mm holes clearance holes. Next l cut out two gaskets,  to fit under the flange inside the tank, and also a gasket for the top cover. The inside flange was securely attached inside the tank, by using two M5 countersunk screws.

The hatch cover was then cut out and drilled, and the whole unit bolted up.

Inspection Hatch .

Inspection Hatch .


A new clear reinforced plastic tube was fitted to allow fuel level to be seen more clearly.

New modification looking good.

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